Friday, December 16, 2011

While Mom's away...

Kate will play :)
This is from when I was at work this week. Thanks Liz for being such a great match up for my energetic daughter!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Just do something.

Elisabeth Elliott always quotes the phrase, "Do the next thing."
For me, it means being faithful to do something when I see a gap. For instance, I see some needs for our women's ministry in our church right now. So instead of grumbling about it, I did something. I talked with my pastor, who was very humble and willing to talk.

Whenever I start something, I always want to know why. So I started researching the purposes behind women's ministry so that I can encourage others to view our role through a faith-filled, gospel-centered, action-oriented lens. (is that enough dashes for you?)

How are you active in building up the women in your church?

Here's an interesting article by Susan Hunt, a writer and speaker, on women's ministry I found very helpful and inspiring. She also quotes the PCA statement about women's ministry:

"The purpose of the Women In the Church is that every woman know Christ personally and be committed to extending His kingdom in her life, home, church, community, and throughout the world." (From the WIC Resource Manual)

 This really plays off my interests on how our effectiveness as women starts in our personal life and moves outward from our home into greater and greater arenas. Is this how you view your self and role in the church?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

According to Kate, it is 'Maryanne, Jofus and Baby Jesus'.