Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Planning.

My mother always made us new plans for the summer. It included summer reading lists, new chore lists and the fun planned activities or classes.

So Kate is now signed up for Princess Dance for July. And I found a reading list I will be working off for a while here. I would put a beautiful picture of a stacked books [here]. But my computer isn't up for it.

Still waiting Peter.

My kind brother is sending me his old, but newer than mine, laptop.

So while I am in exile from a truly working computer, I will just post the  link to this awesome book list I found for the 3-5 year old range..

Lastly, I completed this photo version of a chore list for Kate, which I'll post as a generic one so that you can freely steal.  I am giving her one penny for each daily chore she does and a nickel for doing some of the harder chores. And at the end of the week I plan on paying her from our large change bucket so that she can "save" and buy something at the end of the month.

Our fun summer activities include:
1) The Phoenix Zoo (it has a water park too)
2) The Phoenix Children's Museum
3) Sleepovers with friends
4) Storytime on Thursday at Barnes and Noble. I plan on trying to purchase a small book each time we go since we are enrolled in their kids program and it gives a discount. It will make it more exciting to "find" a book and bring it home, since we always get library books.

More sticky situations

For those of you who read my article on eating sugar in moderation, here is another interesting chapter in this sweet debate.

Agave nectar has been hotly debated lately and, for good reason, as it is derived by a heat process and is in fact  processed no differently in our bodies than other simple sugars.

Here is a very interesting (albeit technical) article and rebuttal from an owner of a company that produces agave nectar.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man

Guess who is one today?
Our little moose has gotten a little skinnier with the flu this past week, but we every ounce just as much!