Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The depths

I wish I could do better things at night. Read intelligent books or write nice letters to people encouraging them. Nice idea in theory.
Pregnancy levels you. At least it does that to me at night. My general activity from 7-9pm before I go to bed is to watch TV. I am now aware of and following Dancing with the Stars.... how much lower can it get???

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Four Paper Clips

It's baby Tuesday. Iwant to post an update on the baby on these days because that's when the weeks change over. Today I am officially 10 weeks. We have a baby that weighs about 4 grams, or the weight of 4 paper clips. In the next two weeks until we get to the second trimester, we are still praying for God's protection over this little one, but it is exciting to think about all the things he/she is growing:
This week we have entered the fetal period, which means we have :
-a placenta that has begun taking over on the hormone production
-toes (still fused together)
-eyes sealed shut
-an upper lip
-spontaneous movement away from the uterine wall

Monday, November 26, 2007

Home in the Basement

We are now settled into our little room inside Steve and Janis' home in their basement in a large spacious room with our own bathroom. What a wonderful blessing! We are so relieved to be done with the moving process (again) and relaxing.

It is an amazing thing to be living in another woman's house. I forgot so quickly. I don't have to meal plan, grocery shop (the majority of it), schedule cleaning on my day off (other than my room and bathroom) or generally keep up on the maintenance on our living space. Plus, I have handyman Steve living upstairs, so I don't have to fix any projects myself without help!
It is so relaxing that I was actually bored on Saturday afternoon. The house was quiet, everyone was out and Travis was at work. I made bread and took a nap. Those were my highlight activities. I've decided I need to go and get books from the library so I don't watch too much TV.

With all my free time, I will also be able to tackle the quilts. I will just need to find my fabric box...there are always a few things that seem to run off in a move like I can't find a blue pillowcase or my brown sham. Small losses. They will probably turn up in some random box at a later date.
This morning I am back to work. The only change in my life is that I now have to add time for commuting again. To be perfectly honest, I think I'd rather have fewer chores and a few more minutes in the car. We could not be more thankful for the Shank's generosity.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day One

There were some other things we did this past week.
On day one of vacation, Sunday, we gathered our families together for lunch. I made chicken salad for rolls and a large garden salad to celebrate our continuing warm weather. We picked up the Jansen's from the airport in the morning. The Shanks came over after church. Everyone greeted one another, and Travis joined everyone around for a quick prayer before we ate.
We stood close, embracing, while he thanked the Lord for the day and our families. I could feel his heart pounding as I stood under his arm against his chest. My heart was beating fast too. Travis began to end his prayer. "And Lord we pray for Nora that you would bless her in this pregnancy and that you would give her strength and help her not to be too sick while her families is here."

There was a squeal and a "What!!?" and a "Are you serious?!" from the Shank girl corner and a shocked and confused array of faces.

We're pregnant.
About 2 1/2 months pregnant.

We've been keeping it a secret until we could tell both families together.

So now you know what we did on Day One of vacation together.
We have had much to be thankful for this week.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day Three

An update from the Phoenix

The nails were groomed
The toes were done
The clubs were swinging
It was a day of fun for all.
Topped off with a bowl of spaghetti.
With meat (that's for Travis)
And then a rowdy game of Scrabble.
Watch out family.
I haven't lost yet :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day Two of Vacation

Have it ever seemed that the second day of vacation seems to drug you with a sleepy lullaby of rest and relaxation? Motivation was low today. But I did accomplish some prep for tommorrow's big Jansen/Shank luncheon. We're keeping it simple. I made a delicious chicken salad from scratch with grapes, radishes, onions and celery and I made all the fixings for the yummy salad I got from Becky... some rolls, some fruit and we're set. I might make some mojitos if I get to Lee Lee's tonight for the fresh mint. I probably should vaccuum the floor too...but, you know, my Dad is coming, and I wouldn't want to take away his favorite chore :)
Ps. I got an early birthday present... it's coming in the mail and should be here by Wednesday... my husband splurged and got me a D80 Nikon. Picture quality will be up slightly on the blog as soon as I get it all rolling :) What a generous gift! I can't believe it still. What an awesome toy to play with for the holidays.

Friday, November 16, 2007

House hopping and Jr High woes.

We are moving a week from today. Bye bye to the beautiful cave.
But this weekend, it is hello to the Nam's house...
Our dear friends are kind enough to loan us their house for the week while the Jansen clan joins us here in Arizona for a week-long Thanksgiving vacation. I loaded up all the food, the cookbook (Frog Commisary), the essentials (wine and the lime press plus the food processor) and our clothes and "moved in" this afternoon while the Nams are on their way to LA for the weekend.
It will be a series of moves for me all week. Tommorrow I will be taking a load of things down to the Shanks to begin our moving into their basement. The apartment is all packed up and mostly ready to go. I wanted to get a headstart by clearing out all our clothes and bathroom items (you know, that last car load of random items) and moving them down there. But we'll see how fast I move tommorrow morning.
Yesterday, I literally wiped myself out at work. From seven until 3:30, I was on my feet trying to keep the attention of 500 7th and 8th grade boys fixed on nutrition and health. You try it sometime. My highlight moment of the day was with this boy named Devon. You could tell the minute he walked in. He was the wild child. You can't always figure out who is going to be the silent but deadly child...but you can always pick out the vocal ones. My strategy is always to find one kid in the crowd to focus on, using their name and using them as an example. There's always one. This time, it was Devin. My rule is that during my presentations, you talk, you do push-ups. Girls or boys, it doesn't matter. So when Devin started commenting 4 seconds into my presentation, I said, "Drop and give me ten." He looked at me with this face like "you're not serious?!". I repeated my instructions and he did them. I couldn't help it. I went ahead and said it even though I probably shouldn't have. When he finished his ten push-ups, I said off-handledly, "I'm surprised you could do ten in girl jeans." I couldn't help it. What are you supposed to do when all these 13 year old boys wear tighter jeans than their girlfriends do. The whole class roared. I have to say, it was my favorite moment of that very long day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reasons for Silence

The dead silence from Arizona is not because we are stupefied by the heat. No, we have been reveling in the glorious cool mornings and warm days. No it is not even "cold" here. It is still a high of 80s during the days. I think I'll take that. I've heard the lows in Maryland are in the 20s. Already. Fun....

The real reason for a non-existent blog is because I have been putting in really long weeks at work. Several six days stretches to have a day off, then returning to the hospital for another five. My friends have started to complain. "Where have you been?" "I never see you anymore!" "Are you working again?" I even had a nurse on the floor, Brian, ask me "How much do you work?!?" the other day, so I know it isn't just my friends that think that. YES. I have been working. I am still working part-time clinical dietetics at the hospital. On top of that we have been doing some community education in the schools, as well as ramping up our partnership with a pilot program for Headstart in our area to combat childhood obesity. I have also been developing my private practice with the two cardiologists that pursued me for their practice. One of them is doing some very interesting stem cell research techniques using the patient's own leg muscle tissue and cultivating it to help regrow necrotized (dead) heart tissue after heart attacks. I have been seeing patients there one day a week. There went my day off.

But the end is in sight.

Travis received a great job offer from Sunrise Assisted Living, the company that my dad works for, which is looking favorable. Even though the offer is less than other jobs, the opportunity is greater. They are offering 100% tuition reimbursement. The commute is 25 minutes instead of a hour and a half each way. Travis is still in grad school two nights a week and, with a full-time job, we both feel the quality of life issue is much more important. My job plus my private practice will offer enough supplemental income.

The other update is that we are moving. Again.
This time, our kind family is letting us live with them for six months.

We want a house. This way, with both incomes we can save enough to buy a house. For real this time. The third time has to be a charm :) So for a while, we will be at home in a home. In the basement of the Shanks. From a house, to an apartment, to a room. My packing skills are reaching expert level. That is my extracurricular activity right now.

My other extracurricular activity is shopping at JCrew. Travis' in-between job is fun for both of us. On Sunday we finished 97% of our Christmas shopping. Yahoo!