Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day Two of Vacation

Have it ever seemed that the second day of vacation seems to drug you with a sleepy lullaby of rest and relaxation? Motivation was low today. But I did accomplish some prep for tommorrow's big Jansen/Shank luncheon. We're keeping it simple. I made a delicious chicken salad from scratch with grapes, radishes, onions and celery and I made all the fixings for the yummy salad I got from Becky... some rolls, some fruit and we're set. I might make some mojitos if I get to Lee Lee's tonight for the fresh mint. I probably should vaccuum the floor too...but, you know, my Dad is coming, and I wouldn't want to take away his favorite chore :)
Ps. I got an early birthday present... it's coming in the mail and should be here by Wednesday... my husband splurged and got me a D80 Nikon. Picture quality will be up slightly on the blog as soon as I get it all rolling :) What a generous gift! I can't believe it still. What an awesome toy to play with for the holidays.

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Jean said...

praying for you, nora.

(knock yourself out, dennis.)