Saturday, October 24, 2009


If you didn't catch it on facebook...Number 2 Baby is on their way-- due around late May.
I only had three weeks of feeling nauseous and fatigue--and at week 10 I am feeling much better. Sonogram pictures were done but the baby looks like a gummy bear, according to the sonographer, which is funny, but accurate. We'll get some better pictures around 20 weeks, as well as hopefully figure out if it's a girl or boy!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kate at 15-16 months

We went to a late night party the other night...and she has NO problem staying up late when around other people. This is the cute shirt my brother gave her last Christmas...glad it got cold enough the other day for her to wear it before she grows out of it. These pictures show a little of her faces--the 'whoa" face she makes when something delights or surprises her. More teeth are coming in slowly: she has all four front teeth, one eye tooth, and one molar. We're working on the other molar on top. Maybe then she'll chew some meat. She has about 40-50 words, not clearly spoken but intentional, nonetheless. At her check-up she was 75th percentile for height and 60th percentile for weight, and her head is still a peanut.
Her favorite comedian is Mason, aka "Mace", who makes her laugh like no one else. You can view it here if you're on facebook. She has more attitude than ever, keeping us busy with her "mean" face and her opinions on what she does and doesn't want to do.
Most of all we are happy that she is a healthy, beautiful little girl who bring everyone so much joy!

The broom

Let me explain our relationship.
There is no other phrase more appropriate than,"all day, every day", especially for life with a 16 month old. Dark hardwood laminate floors are beautiful, but not when peppered with breakfast's dried out scrambled eggs, a stray assortment of snacks, the cook's accidental droppings, and coffee cake crumbs mixed in with a little outdoor chalk dust and the regular variety of dirt.
Thus we spend a lot of time together.
We have bonded.
We hold hands every day, unless I am cheating with the vacuum. We get together after meals, in between meals and in the morning and at night. We are very committed.
Until a new relationship replaces me; but, alas little Kate is still a little young for starting a relationship...even if it is only with the broom.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All Things Coupon

Meet the "coupon lady".
She stands in line for twice as long as you.
She questions every price; she wheels the cart around with authority.
She grills the cashier.
She might even wear her hair in curlers with the plastic hat tied under her chin.

That was then.
This is now.

Meet me.
The newest convert.
After several months of out-of-control grocery months, I caved. My friend Steph convinced me with promises of extra cash to eat out, buy gifts and clothes and has greatly helped me source some of the best ways to keep my grocery budget down.

Down to $40 per week.
No, I am not joking.
And it takes me ten minutes a week, the cost of a Sunday paper and my computer.

Here's the cheapest way-- follow this site and find your state's "Screaming Deals"
and then buy:

1) only the items you need
2) stock up on only the 5-star items

It's really easy with this site:
And I am not buying junk.
It's what I did already, except helps me cut down the cost of the few premade basic items I do purchase like pasta, applesauce, cereal, icecream; and, it helps me discipline myself to buy only the items I really need or that are really cheap. It even helps me figure out where produce is cheapest!

So now if I could only use all that money to buy a fabulous new wardrobe with all those great fall accessories :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fall Beginnings

No air-conditioning today. It is cooler many other places around the world. For us, in Arizona, this is the tipping point.
A warm sun but cool, cool air.
The highs this weekend will only reach 88 degrees.
We had Mushroom Barley Soup last night from Frog Commissary with warm buttered biscuits.
Kate and I took a trip to the library.
We bought our pumpkin.
No sweaters but long pants all day long. What a relief not to be wearing shorts.