Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All Things Coupon

Meet the "coupon lady".
She stands in line for twice as long as you.
She questions every price; she wheels the cart around with authority.
She grills the cashier.
She might even wear her hair in curlers with the plastic hat tied under her chin.

That was then.
This is now.

Meet me.
The newest convert.
After several months of out-of-control grocery months, I caved. My friend Steph convinced me with promises of extra cash to eat out, buy gifts and clothes and has greatly helped me source some of the best ways to keep my grocery budget down.

Down to $40 per week.
No, I am not joking.
And it takes me ten minutes a week, the cost of a Sunday paper and my computer.

Here's the cheapest way-- follow this site and find your state's "Screaming Deals"
and then buy:

1) only the items you need
2) stock up on only the 5-star items

It's really easy with this site:
And I am not buying junk.
It's what I did already, except helps me cut down the cost of the few premade basic items I do purchase like pasta, applesauce, cereal, icecream; and, it helps me discipline myself to buy only the items I really need or that are really cheap. It even helps me figure out where produce is cheapest!

So now if I could only use all that money to buy a fabulous new wardrobe with all those great fall accessories :)

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