Saturday, April 27, 2013

One. Chocolate. Chip. At. A. Time : Breaking down the myths of "healthy"

So yesterday, I asked the question, "Is a chocolate cookie really healthy?"

Coffee, chocolate and cookies are my treats of choice; and since, in my new bible study group, all the ladies are really into "paleo" cookies, I thought this detox week would be a good chance to try a change to my cookie recipe.Since I've been trying to stay true to my plan all this week, I knew, for me, I was going to need a go-to treat.

Welcome the recipe search. Paleo, raw, vegan, healthy, nourishing...all those word not usually attached to a chocolate chocolate chip cookie.But I found one I liked the shape of out of the 1.78 million results.

For me, it is easy to wade through the crap and find a good recipe. But I realized that the average person must be so overwhelmed. Not only are their so many recipes, there are so many choices when we are trying to be "healthy". That's not even answering the question "Should I eat cookies at all?"

This is where I think we should all start, not just "Should I be eating paleo or vegan?" or "Should I be eating raw or low-carb?" With the million options out there, we should be #doingsomethingworthit !!

For me, because I knew my stress levels were out of control, I slowed down. I did yoga every day. I ate more vegetarian foods this week since I was so achy. I drank lots of infused waters and cut back on my refined sugars. I drank green smoothies.

So my cookies followed suit.

I used dates and honey and maple syrup instead of refined sugar. I didn't use flour, but substituted the almond dregs from my almond milk experiment. I put in dark chocolate chips and used cocoa powder. I used coconut oil instead of butter.

Is it raw? Is it vegan? Is it full of enzymes? Is it organic? Is it paleo? I'm not sure.

But I didn't something worth it for my body. I baked a pretty darn good dark chocolate chip cookie. That I liked. That I could eat one of every afternoon. That I felt good eating.

Is that where you start when you think of cookies? I hope so, because the fueled my health kick this week and motivated me as a sweet reward. Let's get off the merry-go-round of comparison. Do something that is worth it to you and that honors your body and choices.

What kinds of food and health choices do you feel are worth it?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just a Cookie

The chocolate cookie.

Is it a nemesis to you? What does it represent to you?

To me, it represent health. Health???

So, so, SO many times people ask me about eating healthy and here I am, saying a cookie can be healthy.

This solitary treat is not just a delicious mouthful, but a gateway to understanding balancing nutrition needs a world that is full of contradictory information.

As a dietitian, I believe in chocolate cookies, just as I believe in treats, desserts, bread, and carbs. I even put sugar *gasp* in my coffee. every. morning.

Except this week. After finishing writing the book with Carolyn, my body has been shot. The stress of a cross-country move, long days, late nights, holidays, and the deadline all spring STILL haven't gotten out of my system. Every time I went on a run, my body ached. Even my feet wouldn't stop aching.

I thought, "Am I just getting old? Is this 33? Am I really this out of shape?" For a person who had been pretty consistent with exercise all her life, I didn't recognize my body. Immediately after we finished the book, I went on a week long calorie restricting, exercise intense "plan" to get ready for my vacation.

Fail. It didn't work. In fact, it backfired.

And here I am on a truly healthy week eating a cookie. Why?

Because sometime those kinds of plan don't work. So this week, I want to explain why a cookie can be a good thing.

Monday, April 01, 2013


It was a lovely time at my mothers. My favorite part was hearing my grandmother talk about marriage and the choices she made as a wife and mother and medical professional. Totally precious and well-earned experience offering wonderful advice.
Here's me and the family
 And here's Mr. Bowtie. How cute is that?
Did you have a good Easter?