Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just a Cookie

The chocolate cookie.

Is it a nemesis to you? What does it represent to you?

To me, it represent health. Health???

So, so, SO many times people ask me about eating healthy and here I am, saying a cookie can be healthy.

This solitary treat is not just a delicious mouthful, but a gateway to understanding balancing nutrition needs a world that is full of contradictory information.

As a dietitian, I believe in chocolate cookies, just as I believe in treats, desserts, bread, and carbs. I even put sugar *gasp* in my coffee. every. morning.

Except this week. After finishing writing the book with Carolyn, my body has been shot. The stress of a cross-country move, long days, late nights, holidays, and the deadline all spring STILL haven't gotten out of my system. Every time I went on a run, my body ached. Even my feet wouldn't stop aching.

I thought, "Am I just getting old? Is this 33? Am I really this out of shape?" For a person who had been pretty consistent with exercise all her life, I didn't recognize my body. Immediately after we finished the book, I went on a week long calorie restricting, exercise intense "plan" to get ready for my vacation.

Fail. It didn't work. In fact, it backfired.

And here I am on a truly healthy week eating a cookie. Why?

Because sometime those kinds of plan don't work. So this week, I want to explain why a cookie can be a good thing.

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