Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The depths

I wish I could do better things at night. Read intelligent books or write nice letters to people encouraging them. Nice idea in theory.
Pregnancy levels you. At least it does that to me at night. My general activity from 7-9pm before I go to bed is to watch TV. I am now aware of and following Dancing with the Stars.... how much lower can it get???


Brie said...

Hi Nora! Congrats on your pregnancy! Did you get the bday card I sent you in the mail? The only reason I'm asking, is that it sounds like you've moved--so I'm guessing it went to the wrong address! Also, I really want to get in touch with Sarah Huckaby! Could you give me her email! (Does she have a baby--it seems like I read that somewhere?) Please email me:

Jon said...

congrats Nora!!!! - Jon, Ali and Jeth :)