Monday, December 03, 2007

According to...

"coolness" track suits and Coach bags are THE look for Christmas shopping. THE accessory for the year is a red holiday Starbucks coffee cup. Tennis shoes complete the look.
If you are under 18, the look would be short shorts and Ugg boots.

What are these girls/women thinking!?*!!
You see, Travis and I have spent too much time in the mall lately. Travis has been working and I have been joining him for dinners to break up the monotony. We just love "people-watching" ...which is really just criticizing other people's idea of fashion. Don't you just love our generous holiday spirit??

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kerrin said...

i am often referred to as "cool"... you may even say the epitome of cool. i have my eye on a great new Coach bag as we speak and a fabulous new track suit in a dashing shad of chartreuse.