Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Baby Update: Week 12

Officially we are in the third month today. I must say that surviving the first three months has been a mild experience. I am so grateful that I have not had the morning sickness that most have; it has been God's grace which has helped me tremendously go to work every day... except yesterday. The weekend must have been more fatiguing that I realized because I woke up on Monday feeling very tired, nauseated and with a killer headache from sinus pressure. My wise husband told me to take a day off, convincing me by reminding me of what happens when I "push it". Fortunately, one of my kind co-workers with who I jobshare volunteered to go in for me.

Things we are learning preparing to be parents: the pack and play is obnoxious, Travis is learning to pronounce words like "Petunia Picklebottom" (the supposed cool mommy bag the girls at work refer to), and unclaimed boy names are more difficult to find than girl names.

The baby must be growing because I am hungry all the time, even though I still have some food aversions. My mom asked me if there was anything I particularly wanted while we were in DC. I told her I still wasn't very interested in meat like beef or chicken or pork. She asked if I like fish. I said probably not. She laughed and said that she was probably going to let me find my own meals then because the family might not appreciate carbs for every meal. But I do like eggs...

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