Wednesday, December 26, 2007

According to...

Update number one from DC.
Before we arrived, Peter's room was cleaned. Deep cleaned. Dusting, vaccuuming, organizing occured. And new sheets were placed on the bed. Not by him, of course.
Then, Peter came home the night before we arrived. He, understandably, slept in his own bed.
He did what he normally does. He rolled into bed, with his clothes still on late in the evening. However, on this occasion, his normal, innocent action was detered.
As he slept, his nocturnal activity proved a demise to the great preparation effort made by my mother and sister. When he awoke, he found he had ground into the sheets small chocolates my sister had placed on the pillows.
Boy's eyes. The male powers of observation once again proved genetically deficient.

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kerrin said...

I must take umbrage with your conclusion.

Boys eyes is an effect, where one is looking for something and can not see it in front of them.
Peter was not looking for something other then sleep, which he found.
The chocolates being misplaced, not ordinarily there, were a result of lack of forethought on the case of the female.

How's that for "male powers of observation"?!