Monday, December 17, 2007

According to...

...our little friend, Caden Spencer, who is almost three.
His mother found him last week on their townhouse stairs with his shirt off. He was holding his shirt and scrubbing the stairs vigorously with it. Erin asked, "Caden, what are you doing?" He answered, "Mommy, I'm baptizing people. Lots of people."
You see, we have had Sunday morning baptisms two Sundays in a row lately. We have a portable baptismal pool that is on stage. When some of the, shall we say, larger individuals are baptized, the wave of water can sometimes crest over the stairs leading inside. Usually, another pastor is on hand to wipe up the water as it spills onto stage. They use dry towels to dry off the stairs before that person exits the pool. Caden was just imitating them.

It reminds me of the Little Rascals episode where Buckwheat is being baptized in the river.
"Are you saved?" they ask their sheet-wrapped friends after they dunk them. And one of them is a stubborn sinner, because he answers everytime , "Nope". So under he goes again and again.
Guess they didn't have the indoor wave pool we do.

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Lizzy said...

girl, that post made me laugh out loud! you are a very eloquent, yet humorous writer!! (o;