Tuesday, July 01, 2008

hello world
An update from the home front... we are all doing great! all eight pounds of me are eating well, sleeping pretty well (last night I only got up twice!) and doing my "business" at a rate that surprises daddy :) i have my doctor's appointment and my second car ride today. i have taken walks around the block for some tanning as well as to keep up with my highlights (did you hear that i was late because i was at the salon getting my hair highlighted?) my cord stump fell off today and boy did it stink! i also had my first bath yesterday, but i didn't get in all the way... i've had enough water for a while. we have had a lot of visitors too...they keep bringing me presents, which i love, especially the clothes.
most of all, i am a very content baby if i could say so myself, unless i get overtired. i smile at mommy and daddy all the time when i am well rested. they say that they could not be more delighted; they say that i am the most beautiful girl in the world...


Mrs. K. V. Battaglia said...

she's precious! I love her thick, dark hair :) and her little bows :)

Anonymous said...

Your smile couldn't be any bigger in your pictures! You look tickled pink!