Friday, March 13, 2009

The Power of Web Words

As I have sought to become more connected, I have joined the masses of communicators.

I finally caved and got on Facebook.
Then I got on Twitter.
And I joined LinkedIn.
Then I invited all my friends.
Some are clamouring "What is this?" or "Do I have to?" and "Why should I do this?"
Others raise the concerns about web safety, which of course, we know is nearly impossible, but not improbable. One person emailed me an article about Twitter as she tried to discover it's purpose/purposefulness.

Ultimately we are talking about the power of words.

Here is an example of what can happen.
My husband starts his new job. He meets the president of his company. She greets him saying "I've been looking forward to meeting you. You have a beautiful family." He's never met her. She has a web crawler that searches for the name of his company. It led to my blog post and then to my blog. Very interesting.

Just goes to show you that Scripture is right when it talks about using wisdom when "talking", whether it is with your tongue or with your keyboard.

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