Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ever feel...

like you WISH you could do something, see something, be something, cook something or look more than just something?

All those things have evaded me recently.

Realized most of my clothes have past the five year old mark and the sweater I wore to work yesterday has reached decade status.
All my purses are just old, abused and unused.
My staple shoes are battered Rainbows and Dansko clogs.

Two weeks of work have made my menu plan look like this:
Pad Thai
Frozen lasagna

I am on a quest to update. Update my hair (appointment next week!) update my wardrobe, buy a fabulous Italian purse, buy some impractical shoes and come back from Italy and bake some fabulous time waster cookies like these.

Once I return, I shall update this blog and return to the world more than just in something mood.

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