Monday, March 08, 2010

water water everywhere

You'd think water would be scarce in Arizona.
Not in our new house.
First, it was fixing the sprinkler system in the backyard. Cha-ching.
Then, when the water bill still remained RIDICULOUSLY high, we found out the leaking sprinkler in our front yard was actually our water main needing repair. Cha-ching.
While Travis fixed a leaking faucet in our master bathroom, there was some post-repair repairs that needed to be made to the wet carpet. Home repairs-- oops $$.
Then last night, we discover soft drywall seams in our front room as we try to install our new baseboards.
We were warned.
We knew owning a home wouldn't be inexpensive.
We just didn't expect to get so wet in the process.

1 comment:

Michelle L said...

Hopefully you're not getting too "hosed" by all these home repairs!