Thursday, June 10, 2010

One month and one big moment.

Four week and almost one month old. Not much to report other than he slept from 8:30 to 3:30 the night before last. Little man likes his sleep. It's hard to get pictures of him as he is sleeping most of the time. The color of his eyes are maybe brown? But the jury is still out.

The big sister had a big moment yesterday too. She walks away from her lunch and tells me, "I go under the table. I go poop." I said, "Let's go on the potty!" and we took her to the toliet. She wouldn't go there, so we put her little potty under the table, and she did the deed. We have been forced into potty training because she takes her diaper off all the time. On Monday night, after putting her to bed, we found her with her legs up in the air, diaper open, on top of the large thick changing pad placed on top of the crib mattress, with her hand messy with poop, saying, "Daddy! I pooped!" Then yesterday during room time, I find her naked, without any diapers on. When I asked her if she peed, she replied, "Yes." I asked her where and she replied, "Right there, Mommy!" and pointed to the diaper on the floor. I assumed she went in her diaper, took it off, etc, but then she said, "Mommy, other one!" and apparently, she had peed TWICE, changing her diaper in between sessions. I think she is ready. Unfortunately, I am not sure I am ready.

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