Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If you still don't know what you want...

Here are some odds and ends favorites of mine from this year:

Karve classes here.

Lululemon pants, yoga inspired wear that is tough enough to last five years.
Puma flats that act like slippers but give support like Dansko clogs.
Or these brand of flats, Me Too, are amazing for their comfort:

For my house, I just got one of these for our living room and it is super sturdy but the corners are soft enough not to endanger little heads.

On a personal level, I am loving a few new products that would be great stocking stuffers: like this new razor which brought smooth to a whole new level. 

It can be paired with this cream shave that saves me from using my expensive Redken conditioner.

And this amazing nourishing mascara that actually works on short eyelashes.

As well as this fragrance for winter:

Just some ideas that I've stumbled upon.


Sarah said...

I meant to ask you the name of your puma shoes. I was trying to find them online :o)

Rachel said...

That Karve class looks really fun. Makes me wish I lived in AZ so we could go together. :)