Wednesday, March 09, 2011

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doctor "x"--
Here is a question I received from a friend about nutrition. I thought people might be interested in the answer:

I have a question for you. This may sound strange, but are there health complications or consequences of eating the same food many days in a row (ie eating an apple each day as a snack during the work week)?

  I just met with a doctor and he said that his problems are probably due to eating some of the same foods many days in a row. So he said if you have chicken on Monday not to have it again until Friday. That just didn't sound right to me so wanted to pick your brain :)
This was my answer:

The only scientific reason for not eating the same group of foods (like the same 20 items) every day is that you are missing the variety of nutrients from the variety of foods we have available. There is no scientific basis, unless for allergy reasons, that the same types of foods are not tolerated repetitively. However, it is good to have a variety; for instance, chicken has a totally different nutrient/mineral profile than beef-- beef being richer in B vitamins and iron--and an orange has a lot more potassium than an apple. These are just examples but you were correct in being suspicious. Repetition has also been clinically proven to be beneficial for defined periods of time in weight reduction/management.

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