Friday, November 04, 2011

Work at.. Working Out.

Exercise is hard.
Let's not lie.
Exercise is what we do because we have to do. Not because we truly love it.
I mean, I used to love it. Now, it just takes a scheduling miracle and a mocha to induce the feeling I used to have before kids. Life is busy and my kids give me a workout every day just trying to keep up after them.

But, then my dietitian voice pipes in. You know as you age, every decade after your mid 30's can mean a lean body mass (i.e. muscle) loss of ten percent....

Yup. So get back on the wagon. I am talking to myself. After an especially busy season, I have find a new resolve. We all have those months when weather and holidays or parties and children try to deter the most determined from exercise.

So here's my suggestion for working out, if you need some new inspiration (thanks to the best mother-in-law ever Janis for recently inspiring me!)

Try this new workout video
The Bar Method with Burr Lenard -- you can see my favorite move here on You Tube, called "The Pretzel".
And You Tube is a great source for new and inspiring workouts. I like using HITT training when I feel slow and old to kick me back into that feeling of being 17 and doing basketball workouts.

Search for other little videos to get an idea of the isometric burn you can get out of these videos that is similar to the exercises I have taken at my favorite studio here in Mesa, called K Pilates.

The crazy thing is that the instructor is almost 60. No joke.

Also, if you can afford it, I have enjoyed some of the workouts (not all of them) from Tracy Anderson. Her videos are short as well within the 30 minute range that give an all over toned body using small weights and isometrics moves as well.

If you are more into the high heart-rate exercise, you can always try the faithful, and effective, Jullian Michael's workouts from 30 Day Shred, as shown in the clip from You Tube.

Get moving, people! (And I mean, myself...)

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