Saturday, May 12, 2012

Grant. Big 2

Here is a photo review of my (not so little) man who will turn two on Sunday, May 13 in no particular order.
 Turning One
 First Beach Trip- 15 months. 
 First Bath
 First Camera Smile

 Crawling at six months.
Pulling to Standing
 Bathtime Crazies
 Love the blond duck fuzz hair.
 Playing in the mud- 13 months.
Every boy's favorite food: Spaghetti
 Big Boy Chucks which he could barely fit on his fat feet

  19 Months.
First Gingerbread House. 19 Months.

 Seven Months.
The famous potty shot.

Grant we love you so much for all your goofy smiles, your ball obsession, your tender heart towards your sister (you always share first), your big-ness and for just being a joy to see every morning, even if it is mostly before six in the morning.

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