Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mommy Training

Who knew potty training would be so faith building?!?

This year has been filled with ups and down, highs and lows, and generally a lot of emotions.

My children have struggled with the move and adjustments. This morning we saw the red sun coming up over the edge of the East while we dropped Travis off at the bus stop; and Kate said to me, "Mom, I miss the sun. I miss that in Arizona."

Grant especially has had a hard time adjusting to everything new. His mood swings and his tantrums have been very challenging. On top of all those two and almost three year-old emotions, his whole environment has changed.

For a mom, just surviving the two and three year-old rollercoaster can be, well, like wrestling an untamed bear.
I could also say a few, not so choice, words about how it makes me feel about having another baby, but we'll leave that for another day.

With the gloom of winter settled in and the post-holiday glitz purged out, we have only everyday life.

When Grant told me he wanted underpants on Monday morning, I for groaned. So I dragged us all to 'Targie' and we started the potty training.

It worked.

By last night, Tuesday dinner time, he was telling me he had to go. By bedtime he totally got it, screaming hat he wanted me to change his 'diapie', even though it wasn't wet, he just didn't like the possibility of being wet.
And even though he wasnt dry when he woke up, we've made it to the potty this morning every time.

Now before you hate me, because, believe me, I have heard how hard boys can be to potty train, remember my past year. And my daughter was not easy to train (and they always say girls are earlier and easier to train?!)

This is a gift, a little present (excuse the pun) just for me.

Psalm 59:10 'My God in his steadfast love will meet me'

You have to cut me some slack because for the first time in a long time I have not worked. So, I am learning the daily routine of being a full-time stay-at-home mom thing. It is a really big adjustment.

Some mornings I wake up and cringe at the work ahead of me. Training and teaching children, on top of managing the household, is no wimpy job. I have been struggling to hold onto to truth about who I am and what my purpose is.

In those moments, The struggle is thats it is harder for me to remember that God wants me to be happy, not just get the work done or merely survive until naptime.

So God gave me a little sign, a reminder that He is listening to my moments of weariness, and my struggle to adjust myself and my children, and that he is paying attention to my enemies, both inward and outward-- He wants me to know that He will meet me: verse 10b
'God will let me look in triumph in my enemies'

This time He met me with my little guy, on the potty.
It was an easy victory.

Can I believe again that I too can triumph over other things, like my anger or frustrations, that it can be that easy too?!

What do you wish would be easy?!?

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Anonymous said...

I almost laughed out loud, but everyone is in bed and I am headed there, too. The life you have now will give you much. Of everything. Your friend near Summit Park ;-)