Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jesus Makes Us Buoyant

Did you read this on Girltalk today? I have been contemplating a lot about the birth and life of children lately. One of my close friends is nearing her due date, as well as several of them pregnant. There are also several stories of children who are suffering with illness, such as Alivia, or another little boy struggling against inevitable death. This comes close on the heels of our friends, Jon and Jenny, losing their little newborn to prenatal disabilities.
There are so many possible things that can go wrong: in utero, during birth, as a child. Nothing is guaranteed. We are all touched by death in some way sooner or later.
As I have been working with children all this week in a summer nutrition camp that I am running at a local library, I am aware of all the different kinds of childhoods as well. Health is one thing, but care, love and guidance from a loving family is also needed.
But I loved what Diane Jones said on Girltalk because it offers such a wonderful thought: Jesus makes us buoyant. Whether it be a needy child that is our own or one that we come to know, I know that Jesus can lift us up.
He can certainly lift us up. Travis and I received news today that we are going to get back our deposit on the house. After finding out that the reimbursement program wasn't HUD certified, we appealed to get our money back and pull out of the house that we bought. (And for those of you counting, yes, that is 2 houses that we have now "bought":) This news comes at a much needed time when bills are due, cars needed repairs, teeth need repairing and the money just wasn't adding up. It is easy to feel like you are drowing against an inevitable tide. I am learning, however, that circumstances may not change, yet Jesus will lift you up, allowing you to bounce back against all the odds.
We are praying for those odds for others as well. If you can, lift up a prayer for Alivia that God would bring her parents a much needed boost of spirits.


janelle said...

Oh Nora! I'm so glad that you guys will be able to get your deposit back! God is so faithful. One of my favorite Spurgeon quotes is, "God would sooner cease to be, than cease to be faithful." It is so contrary to his nature to be unfaithful that his very existance would have to be called into question if there was ever a seemingly unfaithful move on his part. Love you guys so much and am praying for you...(and little Alivia :) )

Rachel said...

God is so kind to give you that money back that you didn't think you would see again... so glad to hear it!! :)

Jess said...

So glad to hear that you were able to get your money back. Going through our first home purchase and seeing how much paperwork has to be signed, makes me appreciate the miracle of your returned money!