Saturday, June 30, 2007

To Start

Vacation is here! Travis officially declared that it had started yesterday evening as we finished up our workout and ate "chunky monkey" style bowls of icecream in bed.

When we were first married, Travis and I decided that we would alternate vacation and Christmas as a way to stay connected to both families. This year, we will be celebrating our vacation by joining the Shanks at a lodge in the White Mountains of Arizona for a week. My parents are currently on a short vacation with Emily and Brett in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They went for my cousin's wedding and are enjoying the GR lifestyle including lakes, skiing, parties, bbq's and Dutch bingo (who are you related to or know in relationship to the person to who you are talking). Travis and I are excited about joining them for Christmas again this year.
As you can see by the picture, I am thrilled at the prospect of long days sitting down. I know we will still stay active with amenitites like swimming, running, biking, hiking, and GOLF (Travis' input). I have some catching up to do with triathlon training-- the higher altitude will be perfect for training for our race in August. My other favorite amenity will be no cable TV. I have my big stack of books for the trip as well as ones I am going to pick up at the library this morning. That chair is calling out my name right now. I hope our days will include coffee, devotions, workout, read, nap, cook, eat.

So after a long vacation from blogging, I'll pick back up and post some of our favorite vacation activities and updates in our world as of late.

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