Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby News

No new news, just plugging away at staying full and healthy...and happy at 17 weeks. The newest development is that lack of sleep increases my emotional state. Now I understand why pregnant women cry at commercials. I haven't cried at one yet, but the tears are right there every time.
The next big update in the baby world will be in two weeks, when we will get another picture of the baby. Until then, we'll be debating on whether or not to find out the sex of the baby. We are leaning towards no, but then again, you never know... sometimes, you can't deny certain objects on the screen :)

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Charisa said...

I totally remember fighting back crying at commercials... and I think I let myself go once or twice when I was alone! Ahh the memories. I'll pray the Lord gives you a clear answer about finding out. Joe and I battled with that questions all the way up to the doctors office. But we did, and we are glad we did. Who knows, might wait next time!