Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Week 15

This is an exciting week for you, Baby. You celebrated Christmas with your father and I in Maryland with the Jansens and Dahls. You also had your first airplane ride... I think you liked this one more than you will like future ones outside the womb.
And yesterday evening, your father and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. We have shared two happy, happy years together and are looking forward to this 3rd one together where you will join us.
Last night you partied with us at a beautiful New Year's Eve party hosted by the Nams-- our dinner club all joined us along with the Jazeks and Steve and Janis. Everyone except Travis' parents stayed the night... and we all woke up this morning to egg casseroles, homemade cinnamon rolls...and, of course, lots of coffee.
You are very hungry lately, and have been keeping me eating. You are really growing... but my belly isn't quite big enough yet to need maternity pants. We'll see how big you are next week at our 4 month appointment! Apparently you are about 5 inches long now and getting bigger every day. This second trimester is where I probably will gain the most weight to at the rate I'm eating~ but it is nice to have energy back and an appetite. I even ran 3 miles yesterday which felt like a huge accomplishment! I need my strength and we both need the exercise after all the holiday lounging.
We love you Baby and can't wait to see you.... our current favorite names are Kate and Carter. Our middle names are set and mirror our own: Elizabeth for a girl, and John for a boy. Both are our grandparents names that we'd like to carry on the tradition with for the firstborn. The name hunt is difficult though... and it has only just begun.


Lizzy said...

Wow, Baby, you've got some cute names picked out by your parents!! Happy New Year, Travis & Nora!! (o:

peekaboo_iseeyou said...

Hey Nora, I just realized today that my sister is staying in your town now. I knew she was in 'Phoenix,' but I didn't realize it was actually 'Chandler'. Amy's boyfriend's grandpa lives in Chandler and they are there visiting him as I write. I wonder if you've run into one another. Small world.