Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What are we doing???

It's Baby Update: week 30.
Yes, thirty weeks you have been with me little one. Only ten weeks or so left together.
You are now kicking away. Apparently in the next two week movement will peak, but I have already felt you slow down. You are no longer doing sommersaults in my womb, but are just wriggling around and kicking back. Yesterday morning as I leaned over to write in a patient's chart, you started to "tickle" my lower ribs. Those long legs or toes were right under my right rib. It won't be long before you truly run out of room. You can even kick with force that hurts as your limbs are stronger and longer.
Mommy has been starting to feel the effects of "TOBP" as Nana calls it-- Tired-of-Being-Pregnant. But I think after talking with Rachel, I might just be maxing out my iron stores and need some more prenatal iron supplementation. All the same signs are there--the yawning, the fatigue, the out-of-breath feeling. I even had steak on Sunday and didn't feel any great surge of energy.
I have funny pregnant moments like not wanting to bend over or having to scooch out of bed with my elbows because I have no ab muscle strength left. I also had an overwhelming experience at Baby's R'Us finishing my registry. How can one stand at a wall of bottles, or a wall of pacifiers, and choose the best one??? Thank goodness Hayley came with me to navigate. She pointed, I clicked the trigger. Thanks friend!
I must admit that I am not sad that you are still inside of me, because I know that once outside, you can never go back to being inside. It is easier, Rachel and I agreed, to take care of them in the womb than it is to take care of a newborn. That is why I have been reading all my mommy books. Check out the side bar to see my favorites.

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