Friday, August 01, 2008


A few of the most precious gifts I have received for Kate are some antique clothing that were preserved and passed down through my Mom's family. Kate is the fifth generation of firstborn girls born of firstborns on my mother's side. In this picture she is wearing one of three handsewn embroidered muslin dresses: one in pink, one in blue, and one in white. They each have a sleeveless petticoat and a matching short-sleeve dress. All the embroidery is in the tiniest stitches I have ever seen and each is uniquely beautiful. Most little girl clothing available is adorable, but there is something poignant about dressing your daughter in her grandmother's infant outfits. When I put on those little dresses, I am reminded of the history into which she is born. It isn't about the clothing; it is about the inheritance of God's blessing and love poured out through the generations. She inherited several other dresses as well, but they are still too large. I look forward to putting those dresses on her in the coming months and year and being able to remember what true beauty really looks like: continuing by God's grace the wonderful heritage of serving the Lord as godly women.

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