Thursday, August 28, 2008

My life

Hello. This is Kate. What am I up to lately? All my adoring fans are wondering, aren't they?
For starters, I just went to the mountains with my family and my Grammie and Pop-pop and my uncles and aunt. I was spoiled by all the snuggling and the attention. Even though I was sick, I still had a lot of fun. It was cold at night! I kept waking up too early in the morning because I am used to warmer weather. I loved wearing warm clothes and now I am addicted to socks.

I also got very good at sleeping in my pack n' play. Good thing I practiced all last week, because this coming weekend I am going back up to the mountains with my friends, Drew and Bella. I am going to try to sleep better next time for Mommy. When I got home I slept from seven thirty all the way until almost six, so I think I paid her back. Yesterday I even took my first two hour nap, so I might still be catching up.

I am very smiley right now and love to play with my hands. I suck on my knuckle when I can't find my pacifier. I like to blow bubbles and squeal with delight when my friends and family make faces at me. I can do a lot of things now. I even do Pilates by lifting up my legs and tummy like I am doing the Teaser. Marmie would be so proud of me!

My other favorite exercise is swimming. I still love to swim every day even though yesterday it was very cold. I watch Mommy blow bubbles and I tried to put my face in the water too! But I didn't realize I shouldn't breathe in when I put my nose underwater. I am still learning how to hold my breath. I figured out I can kick my legs and get a lot of wiggles out. That way I am very tired for bedtime.

I am also growing a lot right now. Everytime Mommy nurses me, I am getting longer and fatter. I am still skinny though because I am tall enough for my 3 month clothes but they are a little baggy on me. I haven't lost any hair, so I must be keeping this 'do for a while. Mommy thinks that I have hair like Tante Em because it is brown, blond and some little red highlights.

On Monday, Mommy had me do this strange thing with her. There was a bright screen with a moving picture. There was a familiar voice but I am not sure I know how to look at them through a computer. They were moving very fast. I still haven't figured it out. Mommy calls it Skype and apparently we are talking to Marmie. When my eyes get better I will start to smile at them too

Well, I have to go now. I need to eat my snack. I am diving for it. I'll tell you if I get there all by myself.


Jean said...

you know you're "over the edge" as a new mom when you start speaking as if you were your kid. :)

can't wait to meet her.

Callie said...

She looks adorable in that picture!