Saturday, September 27, 2008

5 inches later

At around three months, I did my own weighing and measuring of my little girl. She's no longer little either. We think she is around 13.5 pounds...but the real shocker is that she has grown more than five inches. She is now 25 1/2 inches long! The dress I put on her this morning no longer reaches her ankles, it is now a mini dress! The little bloomers peek out from under the dress now :). Problem is that 3 month is too short, but 6 month clothes are not "skinny" enough for her (even though she is a great weight for her age). We hope her tummy catches up with her little arms and legs.
Her little body isn't the only thing growing either. As you can see from the pictures above, her hair is getting very long. It is still very curly when we get her out of the bath (her favorite time of the day--she loves the water.)
She is also quite the social creature. She is fought over to "do school" with here at the house. She is toted around and read history to or science or to be a "study partner" to the kids. She is pictured above with Maddy, who babysat for the very first time the other night for us while we went to caregroup. Maddy is learning to change poopy diapers and clean up the "cheese" (spit-up) as well as the fun activities.
The other caregroup Taylor watches her. I get a text message usually with the report but this past time I got a picture. Taylor had found her in her crib rolled over. Of course she waited until we all weren't watching :) She is very strong and we have been waiting for her to do it. We can't wait for repeat performances.
We have been focusing on nap-training. It has been a week of torture for mommy and Kate. She sleeps almost 12 hours at night, but her naps have been thus far all less than 40 minutes. We have been trying to train her to go back to sleep if she wakes up, but it has only resulted in two long naps and a lot more tears. We knew we would probably have a stubborn child, but I didn't know I would be so soft-hearted and that this would be so difficult. We are going back to just focusing on a longer afternoon nap. She has gotten so tired that it is only putting her to bed earlier,which isn't the point. It is such a small, temporary issue that I wish we could just ignore the need for a "schedule". Wiser women than myself have told me you don't want them to think they run the roost. So, we persist and persevere.


Anonymous said...

Such pretty eyes!

Janell said...

Great to hear updates about your little girl! It is fun to compare (in a good way) to Chase since they are so close in age. Enjoy all that sleep you are getting at night - we are working on it but not quite there yet!