Thursday, February 05, 2009

There's nothing like...

...the smell of a clean bathroom.

Call me a "dutchie"-- ie. cleanliness is next to godliness... but, on Monday night, after a great day at work, I came home and was superwoman:
Laundry, check.
Vaccuum, check.
Dust, check.
Bathroom cleaned, check.

Ahhh....inhale.... you have to admit, the smell of a clean bathroom, scrubbed and clean, is good for the soul.

And for those of you who are germaphobes, my friend Rachel emailed me this:

I read in 'Home Comforts' last night *the 'Bible' of homemaking if you haven't heard of it but you probably have* that bleach is actually the safest cleanser to use in the kitchen b/c it breaks down to salt and water as it dries... leaving no chemical residue. But it does take a contact time of a couple of minutes to kill stuff. Go bleach.

I like Method cleaner so that I don't use toxic chemicals all the time, but, I mean, come on, doesn't every toliet and shower deserve bleach sometimes? If you have kids you understand. They might come out of the bathtub smelling all clean and beautiful, but they sure don't get into it clean :)

And in terms of cost, I don't have time to make all my cleaning products, so Method is affordable because a bottle last me more than 6 months for a bathroom/kitchen and it saves me valuable time.

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