Monday, January 26, 2009

7 months, 1 day.

I can't believe it.

7 months?

You are getting so big, so fast.

You eat. Alot. And you cry when food gets taken away from you. We added some proteins this week because frankly, you need them. Too much carrot and sweet potato have turned your already tan face even more orange... can you see my little orange nose?

Physically you have crossed milestones-- flipping over, crawling, sitting, and pulling up to standing.

You are very aware of your surroundings and love watching people. You especially love textures. You rub your silky blanket on the corner of your eyes, scratch the rug, pick at my ring, love fine details like buttons, and the fuzzy texture of Penny's hair *the Nam's dog*.

Every day your gummy smile brings so many people delight. Most people think you are an angel. I do, on most days, except when you don't sleep well. Sleeping has been a bit rocky here the last 2 months, and now I think you are genuinely teething (still not productive though) so it starts all over again.

We love you so much Kate. Thanks for a beautiful seven months as parents.


EJJ said...

Happy 7 month old birthday, sweetheart! Your Auntie Em misses you very much and wishes she could be there to babysit you, hold you, cuddle with you, tickle you, and all that jazz. Hoping I can be there for your 1st birthday in June! Much much hugs and kisses, Em

Dutch said...

ORANGE nose....for the national color of the motherland. Hup, Holland!