Sunday, January 04, 2009

New news

Over the holidays, I opted out of blogging. I had a little burn out on the blog. Besides, who wants to play with the computer when you can play with dough, fabric, craft materials, Christmas trees and not to mention, the cutest girl in the world??
Return I must. There are people to update and to greet.
It is a rainy day here in Phoenix. I wore a tank top and jeans two days ago. Today, the weather has returned to winter cold. Now that I have gotten past the prerequisite weather talk, I can discuss other topics.
Travis' job, for one, requires a happy update. He is finished at the regional Allstate office on Wednesday and starts as a clinic manager at Nextcare, an urgent care company, in a few weeks. He took a week off in between to do something fun with us and to scope out his new industry. We were very surprised and blessed that God provided this opportunity in such an abysmal market, and so quickly! Literally in less than three weeks, he had two job offers, of which he chose this one due to his long-term interest in medicine.
I will be following suit by jumping back into my healthcare role at the hospital every Monday for the next couple months.
Little Miss Kate is eating the ribbon on her crocheted goat while crawling on the floor.
We and our other family are about to resume another round of our new favorite game: Blokus.
Happy Sunday to you and yours.

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