Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Best Toe Forward

I tried Target.
I tried Old Navy.
I tried Babys R' Us.
Let us just say that none stood the test of Little Miss Wiggle Toes.

Then I changed my friend's kids socks.
I noticed:
A wide, sturdy elastic band to keep them on!
A decent weight that does not alter shoe sizes!
Adjustable elastic sizing!

The world must know! Go to Walmart! Pick up the eight pack. No one told me that more than half of the socks you buy your kids never make it back into the drawer after the first wash! They get lost, eaten in the washer, stolen by the dryer...these tiny toe covers are impossible to own.
But at Walmart, they not only fit, stay on, but they are six dollars for eight pairs.


megan russell said...

yes, walmart is my very favorite!

Anonymous said...

Now that you've found the perfect socks, I have a recommendation for not losing them! As you take them off Kate's feet, don't just throw them into her laundry basket, put them into one of those mesh laundry bag things that women use to wash their bras and then throw the whole bag into the washer and the whole bag into the dryer. Then when it comes out, you will have an even number of socks that all match! You'd never know that I'm not a mom...yet...