Saturday, April 18, 2009

According to... friend Rachel, comes this heroic tale.

Rachel and her son went on a trip and returned home. Rachel's mother-in-law picked them up from the airport in Rachel's car, which she had left in Maryland while they were gone. As they were driving down I-95, the major interstate, they hear a noise.

Now, you and I both know what it feels like when you hear those freaky car noises. You are absolutely panicked and paralyzed at the same time because we have no idea what they mean, except that things are not going to go well for you and your credit card at the mechanic shop.

Well, for Rachel that day, things didn't turn out so bad.

You see, as they looked behind them sparks were flying from underneath the car. Rachel's mother-in-law pulls over on the side of the highway (it is more than 6 lanes across at different places) and with complete calm, climbs under the carriage and proceeds to tie up the muffler with her scarf.

Nothing like a little ingenuity :)

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