Monday, April 06, 2009

I've had my moments in the spotlight...well, at least at 6am in the morning on the radio.
Today was Travis' turn.

A reporter comes into Travis' clinic and asks him if it's flu season.
The first thing Travis thinks: He looks just like Josh Harris. With hair.

Travis confirms with his MA that it is indeed flu season and asks about the number of cases they are seeing come through the door.His MA says something to the effect of "Yeah, we are seeing lots of flu cases this year!"

Travis relays this to the reporter, so the reporter asks him if he could interview Travis and goes to get his camera.

Travis then asks another medical staff personnel and they say "Actually, no, the numbers in Maricopa County are much less this year. The incidence of flu is much lower than last year."
The reporter returns and Travis then tells him the bad news--less flu this year and asks if he still wants to do the piece.
The reporter says "Sure."

Then he looks at Travis and say "You are a doctor, right?"
Travis tells him no and tells him he is the clinic manager.
The reporters says "Well, I guess that counts as expert."

So they go into an empty exam room to film the piece.
Travis bends over and his passport falls out of his pocket.
The reporter says "Why do you have your passport with you?!"
Travis tells him that he is fresh off the boat
The reporter says "So now I am doing a peice on immigration?"

Travis called to tell me that he was going to be on the news later today or this week.
Then he told me he had to go because his agent was on the other line to discuss whether he was going to wear Valentino or Gucci at the awards to receive his Emmy.

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