Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby update

Our current top name favorites are: Logan, Greyson and Grant.
We are less than a month to go here and my doctor said I am already a little dialated and effaced. Now for those of you who know, I was like this with Kate for the entire last month...but, most people have everything go by halves with the 2nd one-- half the labor time, etc. So, we might be meeting this little guy sooner than we think.
I would appreciate your prayers as these last few weeks wind down and I try to care for both myself, the little boy, as well as a very busy toddler. Kate told me yesterday that she needed "marsh-mallows RIGHT NOW". This is my daughter. She is also still cutting teeth and waking up at night, so I am progressively more tired. for a nap :)


Christina said...

Thinking about you and praying for you! I hope Kate gets some good nights of sleep between now and the baby's arrival so that you can be more rested!
Love you.

Savanna said...

Prayin' for ya miss nora
my fave is Greyson ;)