Friday, April 30, 2010

The rare and amazing

A quiet morning where Kate sleeps in. It has happened less times than I can count on one hand. But standing here read, fed, dressed, with make-up and hair done, and counters clean and dinner started, gives me a quiet, sobering whisper in my heart: "Wouldn't you be so self-sufficient, Nora, if it was like this all the time?"
Truth is that my little girl's early morning habits keep me desperate. I would be living the charade of a perfect wife and mother if I had all that time to myself. So as much as I relish the unexpected blessing this morning, I also give thanks for the mercy of God to give me an early riser.
And there she is...7:05am. You might be laughing at this "late" hour but since most mornings it is ten to six, it feels like a luxurious morning already.

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Rachel said...

Love this... good insight, my friend. :)