Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We took a trip to the zoo with friends yesterday. We want to squeeze in our outdoor activities before it gets too hot around here! The maps were a big deal at the beginning of the day.

 Kate took this picture of the tiger. She was so eager to take pictures of everyone, especially Erin's baby, Macy.
 If nothing else, I was so glad I grabbed this shot of Grant. His expression is full of all the personality that he has right now-- interested, dynamic, determined and goofy
 Looking at the Meerkats.

This is Jackson making the growling sounds. He really like the tiger, who growled for us. It was a day of sounds as the howler monkeys were noisy, the screaming birds were screaming and the tiger was roaring!

I love spending time with Erin and her kids. Look how big these two have gotten. I remember the day that Zoe was born and went at visited her at the hospital when she was hours old.

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