Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wash 'er Sins Away

The tied-dyed collection has grown in numbers.

Before I left on my honeymoon, I did laundry. I put in a load of darks after a load of whites into our brand-new Frigidaire washer. But when I pulled out the wet laundry, I realized first something was very different about Travis' new underware. What had once been black and grey was now a mixture of various hues of orange, faded black and green. Then, with dread, as I went deeper into the wet clothing, I realized Travis' new shirt, a Christmas present from Jordan, his brother, had also met with a load of dark's worst acquaintance: BLEACH. I blamed myself and thought that I had poured the bleach wrong into the washer. As my sister, Emily, will tell you, laundry just isn't one of my better skills. Ironing, I love, but laundry keeps me humble.

That brings us to today. About a week ago, I noticed a small flood on the left side of my back There is a rapidly drying puddle in the backyard-- but I figure it's good for the grass. I'm not sure my clothes are cleaner because the soap just overflows out the backyard--but less soap is good for them too. I manually advanced the load to the rinse cycle. And I thought I could forgive. But when I pulled out the clothes again, much to my dismay, bleach had it's way again! This time, my favorite green cargo pants have joined Travis' green shirt in the hippie world. I'll go back to ironing.

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Alivia's Momma said...

We need to get together on the laundry thing. I like to fold laundry but can't stand to iron. So together we could get a lot done. Oh...and our dryer is from 1970...or so it seems. It takes at least 2 hours to dry a load. So laundry at our house takes a long, long, long time.