Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One Month

Friday will be our one month anniversary of Arizona sunshine. Tuesday was one month of married bliss. Like Travis said in jest, "We've lasted a month!" He also brought me some very fresh flowers. And its 6:30 am and I've been up for two hours. We went to bed too early, so we woke up early. Travis is at his desk drawing a plan on his new drafting table and I am sitting at my farm table typing and visiting the world through our neighbor's internet. The rooster is crowing. He's just mad because I put him in time-out for making me rescue him from Buddy, Mike's rottweiler. He got what he deserved though; Buddy bit off all of his arrogant black tail feathers! I on the other hand, got what I didn't deserve- a gushing wire fence scrape on my right knee. First farm injury.

Reflections on the first month-- we got married, moved in, kept a job, went to Maui for 12 days, produced 11 chicken eggs, set up house, made new friends, attended church and caregroup, attended a party, gone endless shopping, met neighbors, changed Travis' oil, changed our mailing addreses, organized our files and, most importantly, became more grateful and stayed happier than we ever have before.

Today is a day for finishing the last room in chaos. And perhaps to clean out the chicken coop? I finished the blue bed room yesterday repainting some spots, framing our watercolors and setting up the bed. Guests are now welcome to say in a very comfortable queen bed with views of England, France, the Virgin Islands and the Outer Banks, NC.
But the yellow room houses all my crafts and sewing as well as memorabilia and eventually will have 2 twin beds. Needless to say, it needs attention.
My sewing room was briefly useful yesterday when I sewed a leather booklet for Connor (Travis' youngest brother, age 15) entitled "Beowulf's Dragon Manual". He had aged the paper, burned the edges and then we bound it in some leftover leather from Uncle Erik used for an Abercrombie chair and sewed it on a fabulous wedding gift, an Elna sewing machine, from Grandma Dahl. Everything has a story. And we are only one month into our tale.

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