Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Families Ties

Like mother like daughter, they say. Or like father, like son. What about like family, like family? Sounds a little too California for me, but we have a strange phenomenon between the Jansens and the Shanks.
On Saturday night, I decided to use our newly fixed gas grill to grill some Indian Tandoori Chicken. I called my mom to tell her I was making my dad's favorite meal. She told me she made the same thing.
This used to happen when my mom and I lived and worked in the same kitchen. We would individually come home from the store with the same 10 lb bag of sugar or something outrageous that we couldn't use up. It happened all the time. It was as regular as my dad's lunch habits; about once a week my Dad would come home only to find he had purchased the same thing for lunch as my mom had prepared for dinner.
Other similarities exist, like the fact that last night Travis and I had an at-home date watching the TV series 24. We found out that the Shanks were watching 24 together as a family night. And my Dad emailed me this morning and told me they watched 24 as a family night too.
Guess we married into the families.

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Nora said...

Then I talked to Janis yesterday (my mother-in-law) and told her I didn't need to go to Costco, I already went on Saturday. She asked me what I bought and I told her just some TP and contact solution. She asked me "Did you find the TP I left for you?" meaning after we home from our honeymoon. I said "Yes, but just the three rolls. Was there more?" She laughed hysterically and said "I was wondering there for a second what you were doing with it! I left you a whole pack of 32 rolls!" So now I have 74 rolls of TP--anyone need any double ply?