Sunday, January 29, 2006

And then came the egg...

So we made an omelet that fed two. And one made its way into some sourdough egg bread.

Since we are on the topic of sourdough, let me give you some history.
Sourdough originally was a substitute for yeast in leavened products. When I was getting into bread making two years ago, I found a website touting the history of it (San Francisco and wild west stories). I purchased some that was reportedly from a starter that made its way out west in the 1800's on a covered wagon and got handed down through the generations. I mailed a SSE away and a few months later a letter came into my mailbox with a ziploc baggie of brown granules. I added it to my own starter which I had begun true Laura Engels Wilder meets Alton Brown. So my starter should now have a good East Coast meets Midwest meets, now, Southwest flavor.
I also have an interesting story to prove I am not the only one who is intrigued by food history. In December, I went to a dinner party at my friend's Elizabeth's husband's aunt's farm. I met the aunt and she served us some of her 'famous' sourdough bread. I asked why her bread was famous and it turns out, she made her sourdough starter in India with buffalo milk 30 years ago. It has followed her around the globe for 30 years. After years of travel, it now lives in Great Falls Virginia. That is why food continues to fascinate me.

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