Monday, January 23, 2006

We got maui'ed

You know you are on vacation time when the following happens: You lock yourself out of the condo you are renting, then you leave things behind in the shower at the hotel, then you realize that you forget where you put your wallet...all on the same day in the same 3 hours. The redeeming quality of this is that when you are married, you share EVERYTHING. So it wasn't just one of us, it was both of us. I'll leave you to guess who did what.
That may prove that we aren't perfect, but Maui is perfect. Tourist hype aside, we agree that it is the most perfect place. The ocean is perfect, the waves curl, the temperature never changes, there is both abundant rain and sunshine, the activities are cool, the Hawaiian coffee is perfect, and the tropical fruitand fish delicious. We were blessed with an incredible honeymoon-- something we could neither dream of nor afford. Of anything we could say, we want to thank our friends and family because no one thing in our honeymoon was untouched by their generosity.
To view more of our honeymoon photos, visit email me for the password if you are interested.

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