Monday, January 09, 2006

Home Trash

The amount of trash one can generate in a move is unprecedented. One almost becomes guilty about the landfill space you are about to consume. But plates must be eaten off of, and clothes must be worn.
It's early morning here on the ranch and the sun is highlighting the SanTan mountains out my front windows. We have spent most of a week here in Arizona getting settled into our new home. Travis is hard at work between vacations and I have been going to work too. At the end of every day, we fall into our new wonderful bed exhausted.
But "for the joy of the honeymoon set before us, we will endure all things"...

I am working hard on our new home. The Shank family worked tirelessly to renew the ranch with new paint, new carpet and a new kitchen for our return. We are grateful for their overwhelming kindness and skill; and are excited to continue to work on more projects together. I have used my new circular saw and my new skill saw already building extra shelves in a closet to house my sewing gear. There were windows to wash, fixtures to finish and yes, Dad, vaccuuming with my beautiful new Zephyr.

Today is a day for packing. We only have one more trip-- off to Maui for twelve days. It will be our last flight for a while, something we frequent fliers are anticipating. Arizona sunshine has welcomed us home already with warm days and dust but we are dreaming of tropical days and warm beaches.

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