Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Efforts

Last weekend, our results were: a job, a car and a ballgame. Our second encounter with a used car salesmen used a word to describe a sweet deal: a "cherry"--that was the only thing we got from him. However, we did find a cherry on our favorite little website: We purchased a Hyundai Santa Fe with 30K miles, babied by our new friend, Irwin, a nice older gentleman from Philadelphia with a great accent and a passion to baby his cars. We looked at it on Sunday after watching Connor play at Scottsdale Stadium with sports greats such as Harmon Killebrew in a charity baseball game.
This weekend our attentions turn towards our own home turf. My parents, Dennis and Susan, are coming in for their first parental visit to see the new house and to work in the yard. I told my Dad that my yard was too big and that I needed his pruning abilities and to help me set up my garden. Believe it or not, but its planting time for summer vegetables in the next two weeks, as we have had our last frost. While its ten degrees in New York, its going to be up into the mid to upper seventies this weekend. So, all the gardeners will be at work this weekend.
Another Jansen gardener happens to be in town this weekend too--- Bruce and Barb Jansen, my uncle and aunt from Colorado, are attending a conference in Scottsdale. So on Friday night we are going to show them a hot spot in Chandler, Cyclo, for outstanding Vietnamese cuisine, and then they are going to visit the ranch on Saturday morning before they head out. I am sure all the Jansen men will be conferring on all the gardening possibilities of the yard before long.
The house is almost all ready for guests; beds are made, and the bread is made: I made sourdough rosemary black olive and a fantastic dark rye with cranberries per Peter's latest interests...And we have a new experiment on the stove---three citrus marmalade. I have never made a 2 day recipe before but we'll see how it turns out.
I'm off to pick up Connor to do a little dump run and get rid of some of the junk that has been inhabiting my back patio...I'll let you know how the Arizona sunshine works on the guests...
Here's Connor (#48 in black) with Harmon Killebrew, Zuverina, and Leon.

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