Monday, August 14, 2006

On topic

Since we're talking about "animals" and dinner club, I thought I would post an update on our chickens and other dinner club events.
We had irrigation this weekend, so the chickens were a little traumatized. Guess who called to remind me about irrigation? I am the delinquent on the block, so it's understandable that Doug called me to remind me of when we were scheduled. But he called my cell phone at 6:15 am on Friday morning--and, yes you saw that number correctly. It was 6:15 am. Got to love the guy's commitment to local irrigation. He also called to tell me that his wife's shoulder surgery went well. Good to know. At 6:15am.
So, the chickens get bent out of shape anyways from irrigation, but then they also were confused because Travis and I pulled up the garden stakes and fencing and placed it loosely around the chicken coop to give them some more security. Ideally, it would keep them in there, but I think my chickens are just free in spirit and heart. What am I supposed to do? They like grass.They'd rather be vegetarians. Here's a picture of the babies finding a cool spot in one of my pots next to the re-feathered Arthur.
I was also trying to trap them in so that I could show the chicks to Caedan and Drew when they came for dinner club . They weren't easily persuaded even after I ran around in the ankle deep water and mud for a half-hour in my pajamas before church trying to herd them across the water to the coop area. I need to do a little more work on the fencing before it will be useful and secure.
Speaking of dinner club, I forgot to post the beautiful results of Haley's "English" meal-- you have to see this impressive Beef Wellington. It deserves full honor...much more sophisticated than my grilled pizza and burgers. I could not have attempted this. Isn't it beautiful? Beef tenderloin, pastry....who wouldn't want to be a member of our dinner club? Haley is an impressive hostess, apparently a heritage of incredible hospitality from her mother.

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Janners said...

oh norcha. that post made me laugh out loud. im so glad that life is so fun and eventful. :)