Thursday, August 24, 2006


No there hasn't been any good reason for the silence over the web. I have been working clinical over the past week and then next week will be a full week of seeing patients, talking to cranky old men about not eating hamburgers and, generally speaking, saving the world from bad nutrition.
Here's a list of my favorite things from the past week or so:
~My Judiasm kick -- reading Chaim Potok's fabulous book on Hasidism, finishing The Covenant another book about current Jerusalem Jews and political unrest, and hearing our pastor speak on Pharisees and lawyers from Luke 11.
~Diving into my first Proust book and becoming enraptured with language.
~Thunderstorms with horizontal lightning across the skies and against a dark sky.
~Rain every day this week!
~My new found love for spinning classes at the YMCA and rap/R&B music that keeps me going.
~Homemade Spicy Garbanzo Beans in a Tomato sauce with Curry Lentils.

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