Tuesday, October 17, 2006

By popular request

Here's the recipe for Italian Meatloaf by popular request.
My mom says to stop bugging her for my recipes girls :) By the way, many of the recipes I either use or try are from the following magazines and resources:
Magazines ~ Food and Wine (subscribe), Cook's Illustrated (online) and Gourmet. This month I borrowed Janis' Sunset magazine from which I loved the Filet Mignon Wraps *I used sirloin steaks* with Pear Onion Relish and Bleu cheese dressing, which I made for our picnic on Friday night.
Cookbooks ~ for everything I don't know I turn to The Joy of Cooking. When I couldn't call my mom at 9pm her time for her Italian Meatloaf recipe, I turned to that book for guidance as to how many eggs, etc. It has all the basics, all the cool recipes deconstructed. I have another ton of cookbooks, but I will try and reference them from now on.
The Recipe~ Italian Meatloaf

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mom said...

Girls: I don't think I ever said,"stop bugging me"=meaning the blogging world of Nora's friends! I am happy to send my recipes(none of which are my originals) along to any and all of you. I just need to learn how to post them on Nora's blog. I think the pic is a little hard to read; please email me directly-djan95@starpower.net and i will send it to you....love, mom and mrs. jansen or susan